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Which kind of road is better for beverage vending machine?

Summer has come, and to drink the season! Found in recent years more and more self-service beverage vending machine. In Japan, the self-service vending machines only sell drinks up to more than 2 million 500 thousand, annual sales of up to 176 billion yuan (converted into RMB), while Japan's beverage market size is 400 billion yuan, we can see that only by the beverage vending machine sold drinks accounted for about 44%, this ratio is quite high. While the domestic beverage market size of nearly 820 billion, while the beverage vending machine sales channels for even less than 10%, its development potential is very large, the beverage vending machine market prospects are very good. A lot of friends in the choice of vending machines vending machine is also a face of confusion, then I will briefly introduce the current mainstream beverage vending machine's advantages and disadvantages.
1. beverage vending machine with spring goods Road: relatively speaking, this kind of self-service vending machine has a long history, and the technology is also very mature. Spring cargo road is a spring spiral metal parts, generally higher hardness, made of high carbon steel by surface chromium plating or powder injection process, generally the hardness is bigger, the better. Free bottles of canned soft drinks directly on the pitch in the spring. When the goods are shipped, the back end motor is slowed down by the gearbox, and then the spring cargo channel is slowly rotated so as to push the beverage out. The vending spring can sell all kinds of bottled and canned drinks, which are cheaper, but also have several disadvantages:
First of all, the front is open door window, refrigeration insulation, refrigeration machine is power;
Secondly, a spring to push a lot of goods and drink, drink the whole has been very heavy, if the beverage bottle placed askew or late shipment tilting greatly increased shipments of resistance, and failure of card bottle.
2. snake road vending machine: this vending machine was invented later, and it was specially developed for selling all kinds of bottles and cans. The principle of this kind of cargo road is very simple. It needs no motor to drive, and the moving parts are few, so the failure rate is lower. This kind of cargo road looks like a metal box on the whole. It is made of high quality galvanized steel plate which is cut by high precision laser cutting machine, and the machining precision is very high. The beverage bottles are staggered to a certain angle from the bottom to the top layers stacked together, the overall presentation of the S shape, the bottom switch consists of an electromagnetic mechanism controlling the export, export when open the beverage bottles under the gravity from the drop down and then exit automatically shut down.
The goods overall beverage self-service vending machines are the serpentine goods insulation layer wrapped up, excellent insulation, energy saving, in addition the beverage storage mode superposition also greatly improve the beverage self-service vending machines and the use of space, the same room drinks than beverage self-service vending machines more spring road goods.
In general, if the budget is limited, beverage self-service vending machines can use spring goods, if sufficient funds to do more long time operation, appropriate choice of beverage self-service vending machines and goods serpentine, because this kind of self-service vending machines and later use of lower cost, maintenance is also very simple, low cost, fast can the province out of machine price!

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