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Problems needing attention in the business of self-service vending machines

Self-service vending machine has a very good market prospects, but not a self-service vending machine will be able to operate very well, I will briefly talk about some of the need to note a few important issues:
1, choose the right commodity: vending machines to sell what commodity is very important, the most appropriate is the FMCG, such as common snack drinks, instant noodles, lunch boxes, fruit. (some might say Adult supplies, the vending machines selling Adult supplies is a pit, the reason is very simple, Adult supplies market supervision no more confusion, we love to buy the brand online mall, worried fakes seldom go to the vending machine to buy.)
2, choose the right business model: the main operation of two kinds of join and self-help, is generally not recommended to join, the reason is very simple, you give some initial fee to join the company, you to join the company to sell goods, you joined the company to do publicity, they return to take the bulk, you have to bear all the risks, you also lose money that is certainly not appropriate. Self-service operation is divided into two kinds, from the manufacturer to buy the whole machine operation and hire machine operation from the large operating company. The advantages and disadvantages of it, if it is used as a few months or one or two years short rent, the machine is more appropriate, and then run out to return more convenient. If it is long-term use, it must be directly from the manufacturer to buy a machine cost-effective, because 1-2 years rent can buy a new machine, the new machine life can reach 10 years.
3, choose the right self-service vending machines: different goods vending machines suitable for selling different goods, usually earmarking. Serpentine goods machine is sold bottles of canned drinks; spring / track goods machine sell all kinds of snacks, bread, noodles and other light weight of the goods; many sell lattice cabinet complex shape, large volume and weight of the goods or packages; vending machine with elevator, selling lunch fruit vegetables, egg and other fragile fragile goods. In addition, we must choose the big brand vending machine, anyway, the self-service machine is like a taxi, is a tool to make money, the quality must be good, function must be all, after sales must keep up with. 100 thousand public streets, 30 thousand brand-name car is nobody dare run rental. Sacrifice the quality of the province down one thousand yuan late because of the problem, more than ten thousand yuan earned delay, is the most cost-effective. In addition the vending machine function must be complete, must support WeChat, Alipay and other mobile phone scan code to pay, now markets aunt scan code using a mobile phone payment, we must keep pace with the times, more and more people love with little change. The self-service vending machine must support the full functionality of wireless remote monitoring management background, operation data of self-service vending machines can whenever and wherever possible the, the number of goods sold. The number of goods received money at a glance, not personally to the scene to know the specific circumstances of the operation, can greatly reduce the manpower and expenditure, improve operational efficiency and to reduce the overall operating costs.
4, select the appropriate point: the point is very important for the operation of the vending machine, the good point (school dormitory, school hall, library hall, playground and so on), the hospital (hospital waiting room, consulting service hall, hospital building door, door factory (workshop) work, must pass through the roadside, dormitory inferior), subway, high-speed rail, train station, bus station, waiting room and so on. The characteristics of this type of site is relatively closed space and little competition. In addition, when selecting a quality also depends on the flow of people, and more people than the large flow of people to be good, for example, the train stops at the particularly large flow of people, everyone is off, but everyone is busy on and off there will be very few people stop buying things, and self-service vending the machine put much better in the waiting room! Regular analysis of operational data. Must regularly analyze the operating data of the background, to see which goods sell more, which goods single profit, reasonable allocation of various commodity quotas, in order to maximize profits. The influence of different holidays should be analyzed, time consumption is different.
The mechanism of 5, should have fast handling of customer complaint: anyway self-service vending machine is a machine, the machine is always unexpected, such as the customer pay card machine goods, should be timely treatment, otherwise will affect the sales of the products and their reputation. Vending machines in many places rely on repeat customers to spend money, the card does not deal with goods, people will not come back later. (Note: Although the stock card is a small probability event but could not stop, for many reasons, such as the place of mobile phone signal is not good command transmission is not smooth also have card goods when goods are possible; irregular tilt, the probability of goods will be higher card. So you must be careful when you load the goods
In China, the vending machine industry is just emerging, the prospect is very good.

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