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No one and no supermarket self-service vending machines and the advantages and disadvantages

For now, the vending machine is relatively more practical, but also more suitable for a wide range of operations, the reasons are as follows:
1. unmanned supermarket technology and cost requirements are higher, operation risk and maintenance costs will be much higher than self-service vending machines, and now is basically in the experimental stage, not really promoted and applied.
2., regardless of the supermarket or self-service vending machine, its essence is the same, are consumer centric, in order to enhance the consumer experience, better service to consumers, to meet its rapid and convenient purchase needs. Reflect on the reconstruction of the consumer, scene, commodity "3 elements, the line will be super miscellaneous shopping simplified procedures.
3. self-service vending machine is more simple, compared with the unmanned supermarket, its delivery is more flexible, lower threshold. No supermarket vending machine is relatively much larger, still have to face the pressure of rent and location, self-service vending machine is simple, it can be said that the use of idle current operating environment in the area, without affecting the existing business resources under the condition of additional another income, namely the use of idle resources make money. Just like a taxi, he doesn't need to buy a car himself. He doesn't need to hire someone to be a driver. He just takes advantage of the idle time of the private car and the idle time of the owner. Therefore, the self-service vending machine is more flexible and convenient than the unmanned supermarket. It is also the embodiment of the value of idle resources.
A lower risk of operation of 4. self-service vending machine, lower maintenance cost. The risk of self-service vending machines can be predicted, and what problems will arise in the actual operation of the unmanned supermarket in the future, we can not accurately predict. That is the quality of the people were sharing a bicycle, so it will not happen without the supermarket, goods take place? Will there be goods did not go out to be eaten or used? Health environment will be destroyed, if these problems will occur to the operator caused a lot of trouble.
At present, vending machines are becoming more and more intelligent. In today's self-service management, self-service vending machines will get more applications online.
Intelligent vending machine was born in the new retail concept, which is not only a solution to the current high cost of manpower and rent, but also conforms to the trend of retail development. It is a self-service vending machine is different from the traditional self-service vending machines in general, on the basis of its function in retail and do more innovative applications, more in line with the requirements of the era of the Internet of things, to meet the market demand in the future.

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