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Foreign trade commissioner

Job requirements:
1, college degree or above, more than one year in foreign trade or foreign metal processing products sales experience, with good English listening speaking reading and writing ability, can use English skilled communication (or other languages);
2, the import and export business processes have a certain understanding;
3 to trade, familiar with knowledge of international payment settlement;
4, outgoing personality, strong affinity, a strong sense of initiative and innovation, pioneering spirit, a strong sense of teamwork;
5, language ability, communication and coordination ability, good, and fast processing of things;
6 、 B2C / platform hardware related industry experience is preferred (excellent graduating students can also consider), can independently follow the customer priority;
7, have ability to develop new markets, foreign trade and can work under pressure.
Candidates please send your resume to: mt01@mengtaikj.com or call: 0759-82098866

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